Showcasing diverse talent

What is the D-list?

Too many speakers at events and conferences are white men. And while many companies have done a good job bringing in more women experts, there is still a way to go in terms of racial diversity and other forms of diversity.

The D-List is a collection of exceptional entrepreneurs from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life who are innovative and successful in their area of industry.

The D-List exists to showcase regional unique business leaders through sharing their expertise, sector specialism, and dedication in their field. This in turn allows them to act as role models, inspiring current and future generations.

Through our platform D-Listers are visible to large organisations looking for diverse business leaders to represent at conferences, speak on panels, become mentors and more. We value the time of all of our D-Listers and offer the option to gift some of your time if you wish and charge for your time as necessary.

Help us ensure full representation is achieved and non-diverse speaking panels become a thing of the past by putting someone forward for the D-List or self-nominating.




Gives unheard talented entrepreneurs a voice to share their uniqueness and their experience with the world.

Is a platform to connect organisations with fresh, young, diverse industry experts.

Enables the discovery of unique and diverse business leaders to be showcased at events, on speaking panels, workshops and business mentors.

D is for Diversity!

We have listened to the issues that large organisations tell us in identifying and connecting with diverse entrepreneurs and business leaders. D-List bridges that gap. Our vision is to see representation at future events, meetings, conferences and at public speaking opportunities.